Why do we need product manager?

Why do we need product manager?

As a guy doing the executions and making things happen, this is a legit question that I think to myself while coding.
Why do we need a product manager?
I can set deadlines. I can define features scope. I can think of ideas. I can point at things and say, “Hey, that’s not working”
The truth is I never knew I needed a product manager until I met a great product manager.
About three months ago, I joined a team doing tech projects for a large organization. By large, I meant they have resources to hire product manager, designers, backend, frontend, dev-ops and analyst. The whole package.
I am quite lucky to work with an experienced product manager.
Here are a few trait that makes him great.
Being Involved from the beginning
Sometimes people confuse product manager with the hands-off boss. He makes it very clear from the beginning that he’s part of the team by talking about his vision for the product and also listening to us about our advice.
People first, not product first
He understands that people makes products, not the other way around. Unlike machine, people can burn out much quicker if kept running without rest. Therefore, he doesn’t set a deadline out of nowhere just to spike a short-term productivity. He sees product and people with a long-term vision.
Transparency on expectation
Before he say yes to every request of the client, he first communicate with the team and understands the time that it would take. Because he’s experienced, he can easily say no to outlandish feature that’s purely for their own pleasure.
Provide full non-code support
He looks for the empty gap where he can provide value. For example, contacting API provider, fixing internet issues, collecting image assets, all the things you would have to do by yourself when you solo a project.
Genuine curiosity
Although he doesn’t write code, he learns how everything works. So when he talks to the developers, our languages are in sync. His enthusiasm makes you excited to solve a problem.

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