How to get what you want?

How to get what you want?

How often do you get what you want? Are you satisfied?

Getting what you want is simple, but not easy – Mel Robbins

Why do we continue to do the things we don’t want to do?

Here are four tips from Mel Robbins

Get rid of the f*** word

When someone asks how you’re doing, we have an automatic response to say “I’m fine”, but the word, “fine”, slips into our subconscious whenever we don’t get what we want. “I tried to get the job, but I didn’t. I am fine” “I won’t go travel this year. I’m fine” When we stop saying, “I’m fine”, we stop settling for less than what we want.

Force yourself to change

It’s no surprise that change is not comfortable. Just try to wake to two hour earlier than when you usually wake up. No snooze. When the alarm sounds, stand up. The force of the universe will try to drag you back to bed. Then you can tell the universe, “Not today, I got stuff to do”

Don’t rely on feelings

When we were kids, it was parents’ job to tell us what to do for our best interest. When we want to eat fast food everyday, the parent forces us to eat some not-so-tasty healthy food. After we grew up, it becomes our own duty to keep an eye on ourselves. Don’t let your tomorrow self down. He/she is counting on you.

Five second rule

When we have the impulse to do something, do it within five seconds, or else your brain will pull the emergency break and kill the idea. When a thought runs pass by your head, write it down. When someone looks interesting to talk to, go and talk to the person once the impulse fires.

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