How to avoid having an allergic reaction to stability?

How to avoid having an allergic reaction to stability?

If I can, I would like to work for this company for ten years or longer. It’s stable.

My girlfriend gazed into the distance while muttering these words.


Something in me triggered an impulse of surprised exclamation.

Without me knowing it, I am allergic to the word, stability.

Afterward, I realized we had different perceptions of what stability means. Neither is right or wrong. It’s only our experiences that shaped our opinions and beliefs.

Here’s what I have learned.

Stability ≠ Never Improving

Change Or Die

— Yanai Tadashi — Founder of Uniqlo

This was the motto when I worked in Uniqlo. It deeply ingrained a sense of urgency in everything I did.

At the beginning of a workday, we would have a short and concise meeting about how we did yesterday and how we should improve today.

It was intense and high-pressure. I still remember that some employees who would cry at the beginning and transformed into a completely different person the next month.

While rapid growth and change are popular, there’s also organic growth.

The kind of growth that only takes ten minutes a day, but you do it every day. It might seem mundane to do.

This is the kind of stability that aligns with consistency.

Stability and Relationship

Relationships are like seat belts, if they don’t click you’ll never be safe. — Simon Sinek

As much as I love changes, lover changes are the one that I do not enjoy. Having a healthy and supportive relationship takes time and care.

Building trust takes incremental actions, it’s slow and delicate. It’s easy to give into the thought of “I invested X number of hours into this person, so I expected X numbers of trust in return.”

The truth is that’s not for you to decide. What you can do is to choose who you want to be with and take responsibility for your own decision. Be honest and give trust first.

Financial Stability

We all often think about what’s easy to think about, rather than what’s right to think about. — David Rock

Quitting your job and hustle until your startup succeed. Working at 9 to 5 and not satisfied with the job. Our society seems to only give us two choices.

Is it the only options? Definitely not.

People like Aytekin Tank, who started JotForm as a side hustle and grew it to over 4 million users, advocates finding an alternative path than becoming an entrepreneur.

I tried the broke entrepreneur path and the miserable full-time path.

Now I have found something in between. Software development freelancing. While helping other people achieve their goals with software, I can have the time and freedom to learn and build my own business.

What financial stability means is spending less than what you earn while maintaining a decent quality of life.

Whatever you are pursuing. Having the financial stability provides a peace of mind, you will be fearless and think clearer on your decisions.


If you have an allergic reaction to stability like me, I invite you to think of other perspectives. It will open doors to many more opportunities.

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