Decision matters more than effort

Decision matters more than effort

Few years ago, a friend told me that the environment has a huge impact on a person. Then I replied that person can also have a huge impact on the environment.

In retrospect, both are correct. You can influence your surrounding, and your surrounding can influence you.

But which requires more effort? Changing your environment or choosing your environment?

In Taiwan, I often hear people complaining about how the average salary is not enough to live here.

While true, if you look at the statistics of the average salary in Taiwan while not very high, but it has been increasing, that’s an example of environment change.

Some people might say, “well, it’s still not enough to buy property and have a stable retirement”…

The reason why these people apply “average salary” to themselves is because they believe they can only be average.

They can either wait for the environment to change, or choose a new environment.

By new environment, I mean it in physical or mental way.

Relocating to an environment that best value your skills.

For software developer like me, some places value great software development more than others. It’s the demand and supply game. If you try to sell blockchain technology to a place without internet nor electronics, it will be a very steep uphill battle. That’s an extreme example. But if you look at the salary for software developers between Taipei and Shanghai, you can already see a gap. Not to mention those tech hubs like Silicon Valley.

Changing profession

Different profession has different potential for compensation. Of course, money shouldn’t be your only motivation when switching your profession. But when the compensation has affected your daily happiness with the job, it’s ok to step back and think for yourself. “Is this the best I can do?”


Always think, “What else?” You cannot know what you don’t know. Well duh, you might say. Let me explain, when I wanted to build a website before I knew how to code, I went down several wrong paths, because I simply “don’t know” how do I even start. When I did start, I began with outdated tools and horrible practices. Until I meet real software developers, they told me what tool they were using at the time. A whole different world of unknown opened up for me.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself. I am always looking for more ways to contribute to others. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out in the comments below.

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