7 ways to annoy your fellow code writers?

7 ways to annoy your fellow code writers?

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Coding is a game of patience. So if you wear down your teammates’ patience, you win, right?

Misleading Names

Sprinkle some unused code everywhere

As soon as your code can run, don’t worry about those copy-pasted residue from other code example and just commit it. Just do it!

Push breaking change to master branch

They will figure it out…when things don’t work anymore.

Say something is easy and let them do it

Promise your boss that something is easy and shouldn’t take more than an hour and seat back and watch them work.

Write everything in one file

Modularization, reusable components…pfff…your time is too precious for that. Open a new file, type until it’s done.

Use the word “education” to avoid work

Because you’re a genius and already know everything, doing work for the team would be stealing others’ opportunity to learn. So whenever a fellow developer ask, “Can you take care of xxx feature?” You can say, “It’s your chance to learn. Own it.”

Don’t write comments

It’s time to test their capability to understand your code. If they can’t, it’s a competence problem.

Do any of the above is guaranteed to get you nominated as the most unpopular developer on the team. Please proceed with caution. ?

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