7 Types of people you will meet in a language exchange

7 Types of people you will meet in a language exchange

The social media specialist – so friendly, so friendly to the point that makes you question his friendliness. Collecting every social media accounts without introducing himself, whether is WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or any cool social media apps, he will be your friend. No questions asked.
The polyglot – the god of languages. As the ancient Greek forgot to worship this god, the god decided to claim its throne in the language exchange. The amount of places he has been and the depth of his knowledge will make your brain salivates. If you are wondering if there was a God of Language, here
The guy filter – he believes that he will learn a foreign language faster by talking exclusively to female, so don’t take it personal if you’re a dude and he just looks bored when you talk.
The homeboy/homegirl – the person from the same place where you were born. You are so excited to meet the person that you forget that you’re trying to practice foreign language.
The club owner – not really the club owner, but promotes the alcohols like he is the club owner. Maybe becomes more fluent when intoxicated.
The listener – like myself, listening, but not understanding. Overcoming the fear of speaking nonsense, knowing embarrassment and learning goes hand in hand, so who cares, everyone is there to learn.
The story guy – just can’t wait to cut you off and start his story, because everyone came to hear his story, right?

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