7 Signs that Your Work Can be Done Remotely

7 Signs that Your Work Can be Done Remotely

1. Physical absence is not required for actual work

In terms of work productivity, does your physical absence slow down the progress?


We often overestimate our importance to an organization

Although your co-worker who has a crush on you will miss you when you are not there during the lunch break, if the actual work doesn’t require you to be present at a certain space, it’s likely a remote work. If you’re a construction worker, your teammates depend on your physical labor to carry out the job. Then, it will be harder to transition to remote work.

2. All of your work is completed on technological devices

The reason why it’s “technological devices”,  and not just “computer”. Some people can do all of their work with a phone. Some like myself do work on a laptop. There’s no paper for approval, stamps, or signature. 

3. You spend less than 10% of the day in meetings

Communication eats up a large chunk of time in a work day. While it’s crucial to communicate, we all spend different amount of time in communication. If you’re a salesman and prefer face to face communication to build trust, the majority of your time will be spent on communication and it will suck the fun out of remote work.

4. There’s a clear objective for you and your team

What needs to be done for the day is already clearly defined. Everyone understands what his/her role is. There’s no “Oh, I thought you were doing this?” If remote work is a new concept to your team, it will be helpful to have a 10 minute(depend on the size of your team, this number can change) conference call in the morning and let each of your team members describe what he/she will be working on today?  then address any concern that they might have.

5. You are distract at your workspace

When you are working in the office, people constantly tap on your shoulder and say, “Hey, what do you think about … ?”  Or someone has a rough day then say, “F*** it, who wants to go get a beer?” Under the social peer pressure, you go and one afternoon gone. Maybe it’s time to consider remote work. Amando does a great job describing the cost of distraction, https://medium.com/@amandoabreu/you-dont-understand-your-software-engineers-53442ca0805a.

6. Strong trust between you and the team

You have followed through with your word every time when you said you would do something.  Your boss trust your decisions. Then, if you think remote work brings more benefit to your productivity, go for it.

7. Commuting to work is taking more than 2 hours of your day

There’s only 24 hours in a day. If 8 hours is spent on sleeping and 8 hours is spent on working, the rest of the eight hours is your only chance to be creative if you work at a 9-5 job. And assume you take an hour to finish a meal, after breakfast, lunch and dinner, there’s only five hours left. If commuting takes more than 2 hours for a roundtrip, it leaves you three hours in a day to spend time with what you love. And that’s assuming if you still have the energy and drive to pursue them.
Remote work has quite a few benefits, but it’s not for everyone. However, it’s definitely worth your time to reevaluate an alternative working style that will suit your organization.
Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think of remote work in the comments.

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